Letter to the Editor

by Lee Bishop

To The Editor:

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Lee Bishop, and I am a graduate of Pineville High School in Pineville Kentucky, the first two years of my educational career l attended school at Roland Hayes. Roland Hayes was an All-Black School which served as the Black Cultural and Educational Hub of the community.

Around 1955 the state of Kentucky gave the school districts two years or so to end segregated schools. The citizens of Pineville and the school board decided to integrate immediately, which they did. In 1956 Roland Hayes the Black School was shuttered and never to be mentioned again.

The purpose of this letter is to enquire as to the possibility of placing a historical plaque or marker indicating where Roland Hayes School once stood and for whom it was named. At the site where the school was located is a fast-food restaurant (McDonalds), A historical plaque could be placed near the sidewalk where Roland Hayes the school once stood.

Pineville was and is the home of many African Americans; Roland Hayes the school closed its doors around 1956 sometime later the rest of the Black Community was pretty much displaced by floods and the building of two town saving flood control projects.

There’s nothing in the town to commemorate the life and legacy of the African American citizens of the community. I am attempting to solicit your input on how this feat can be promoted and brought to fruition i.e., grants, promotions, community support and the likes.

Thanks for whatever consideration you give this letter.

Lee Bishop

Long's Pac-Perks