X Means

April 08, 2024

X can mean many things. The most used letter in our alphabet is “X”. A line of them at the end of a love letter means kisses and kisses. X marks the spot on the map where Blackbeard buried his pirate treasure chest. It is ten in Roman numerals - 2024 is MMXXIV. We cross out unwanted words and pictures with an X. We vote with an X in the correct box. If you cannof write your name, you make your “X”. Coaches show plays with “X”s and “O”s. X-rays help get a good picture for a medical treatment, but are harmful to space travelers on their way to Mars. An Rx prescribes medicine. When you break up a relationship, you will be an “ex” and have an “ex”.

“X” came into our English language through the Greek letter “Chi” which they wrote the same as we do, as an “X”. For over 2000 years Christian Churches have used the combination of Greek letters – Chi/Rho -CR as the synbol for “Christ The King”. From the very beginning of the Faith the capital “X” has signified Christ. We honor the Lordship of Jesus when we celebrate Xmas, with Xmas presents and Xmas cards. Some people might say, It’s Greek to me”, and the X in JX is just that. It is a Greek letter/ word we have borrowed into English.

A special use of X in the Gospels makes it the giant outline of the life of X. The Gospel of Matthew has the organization down pat. He begins at the wide open top of the X with geneology back to Adam. John goes wide open back to Creation, “In the beginning was the Word”. Then the outline slowly comes into focus with events and teachings of the life of Jesus until it narrows completely at the bottom of the “V” in 16:13-20. There, Peter confesses Jesus as Messiah, as Saviour. Then, vs 21 starts “From that time on” Jesus begins his journey to Jerusalem and Crucifixion. It’s the second half of Matthew.

One person made a confession of X and Jesus said, “OK, that one was enough, now I can complete what I came for”. The inverted “ V “ of the X opens up to a new creation, to the end of Matthew 28:19 where Jesus commands “Go into all the world”. What started out with all Creation and Abraham, narrowed to 16:16 and opened up to the vision of a new Creation. Matthew planned it that way. The glory of X