Priority Status

May 18, 2024

I just returned from Texas. I make a few trips there each year now. I get to hang out with some incredible guys. Some I’ve known for years, and some I meet for the first time. This last event was around a golf weekend. I don’t play golf any longer, but I, along with a host, put on an event each year for 12 guys. These events are called Circle Events, and you can check out my website to learn more. But my point in mentioning them is not for promotion, but to establish that I fly quite often. And while I’ve never flown first-class, I do upgrade to a seat with more legroom. On longer trips especially, it’s worth every extra dime. And while there are a few more perks, I still have to walk on the left side of the retractable stanchion.

You know, those 4-inch bands of material held up on each side by a stainless-steel post. You see, when an airline puts passengers on a plane, first-class passengers get to go on first and they get to walk on the right side of the stanchion as they approach the door. Everyone else gets to go through the same door, but we have to walk on the left side of the stanchion. And first-class is always seated first, so the rest of us can view their comfortable confines as we fight for the closest overhead bin. Have you ever wondered why first-class is seated first? Do you think it’s because they want to spend an extra 30 minutes on a plane? I think not. Once again, it is to remind us 19c-left-side-of-the-stanchion people, that they and we are not the same. Oh, it’s not necessarily the people in first class that feel this way. It’s the airlines that want us to sense that we are so close, and yet so far away. And they reinforce it one last time by closing that little 3-foot-see-through curtain, to remind us of the difference. Because after all, doesn’t everyone want to walk on the right side of the stanchion to get to the same door?

I arrived at the security gate to the golf course we had reservations for. It was swank. When I showed up, I’m sure they thought I was part of the grounds-keeping crew. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that crew. It’s just they are not the same as the residents and members. How do I know? There was a left road and a right road. Both went to the same place, but the way one entered needed always to remind each person, there are some who deserve to get in more than others.

Some of you think heaven has a left road and a right road. You think while there may only be one door, there will be the left-of-the-stanchion people and the right-of-the-stanchion people. And you’ll be on the left side. But here’s the good news. Not only is there only one door, but there is also only one class. Jesus saw to that when he paid for each of our tickets. Grace makes us all right-side-of-the-stanchion children and residents. Get comfy. God gave you priority status.